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Unveiling the Eerie: Onionhead's Revenge at Mall of America

Halloween fever is starting to take hold, and something wickedly exciting is brewing at Mall of America - a spine-chilling haunted attraction that promises an experience that's truly unlike anything you've ever encountered before! What makes it even more exciting (for me anyhow!) is that I have the incredible opportunity to serve as the Makeup Manager for this adrenaline-pumping Halloween experience!

About the Haunt and The Vengeful Spirit of Onionhead

Legend has it that in the quiet town of Slidell, Louisiana, a tragic tale unfolds - the story of "Onionhead." A young man, wrongfully accused of a heinous crime, fell victim to a merciless mob, who violently ended his life. His body was brutally hacked into 13 pieces and scattered across a nearby cemetery.

Filled with fury and grief, Onionhead's mother sought retribution and placed a powerful hex on those who had taken her son from her. In the months that followed, the assailants responsible for the gruesome act met their own horrifying fates, as if the hands of vengeance were guiding their demise.

To this day, locals share chilling stories of a monstrous apparition, pieced together in a nightmarish manner, haunting the very cemetery where Onionhead's remains were strewn. It seems that this vengeful spirit relentlessly stalks the grounds, driven by an insatiable desire for revenge.

In the quiet corners of Slidell, the legend of Onionhead lives on, a haunting reminder of the consequences of unjust acts and the lingering power of vengeance in the darkest depths of human existence.

Creating an Immersive Experience

The goal is not just to scare, but to immerse visitors in a truly terrifying experience. This haunted attraction will be more than just a collection of jump-scares; prepare for an interactive journey into the heart of darkness. Every aspect, from the unsettling soundscape to the hauntingly realistic makeup, will be crafted with precision to transport visitors into their darkest nightmares. In addition, prepare to be captivated by the unparalleled offerings that will set this haunted experience apart from all others. You'll enter an intricately detailed world of specialty bars, serving up themed cocktails and delectable food that will leave you spellbound. Onionhead's Revenge promises an unforgettable journey, unlike anything you've ever experienced before.

Seeking Fearless Souls

Do you want to be a part of the newest and most terrorizing adventure this Halloween season? Onionhead's Revenge at Mall of America is

seeking dedicated and passionate individuals to join their haunting team! They are hiring for all positions, from scare actors who can send shivers down spines to talented makeup artists who can bring the nightmarish characters to life. If you have a flair for the eerie and a desire to create unforgettable scares, they want you on board!

Whether you're a seasoned Halloween enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of frightful fun, there's a place for you at Onionhead's Revenge. From actors who can embody the terror of the night to behind-the-scenes crew members who ensure the seamless operation of the haunt, every role is crucial to delivering an unforgettable journey into darkness.

If you're ready to embrace the haunting spirit and be a part of an extraordinary team, don't miss this opportunity! Join Onionhead's Revenge and help create a Halloween experience that will linger in the hearts of guests long after the night is over. Apply now and let the haunting begin!

Guests Should Prepare for the Haunt of a Lifetime

Embrace the thrill of a lifetime with Onionhead's Revenge, Minnesota's newest pulse-pounding haunted attraction! You'll be mesmerized as you explore the dark secrets of Onionhead's Revenge, a place where the air is charged with suspense and the line between reality and the supernatural blurs. This is more than just a haunted house; it's an immersive, and unforgettable journey deep into the heart of Halloween terror.

Located on Level 2, South, and running from September 15 to October 31, 2023, this sinister haunt promises to mesmerize and thrill as you embark on your journey into the unknown. Tickets are on sale now, so be quick to secure your exclusive passage into a new breed of haunted house. Gather your bravest friends and steel your nerves because... Fear. Is. Here. - only at Mall of America. DISCLAIMER: Any opinion expressed in this blog is my own, and not necessarily an official statement or opinion of Onionhead's Revenge.


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