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How much does Jacquie charge?

Each application is different and the cost will depend on the level of skill required, amount and type of products used, application method, among other things. Each client is asked a series of questions that will assist in determining their quote. Jacquie strives to give each client a high-quality, and personalized experience. 



Is Jacquie available on (insert date here)?

Please reach out as soon as possible. Two weeks or more before you need your makeup applied is typically recommended. The website is updated frequently, especially during the fall months where inquiries are at their highest. Please read and respond to all areas on the Contact page before submitting. Any days that Jacquie is unavailable are typically (though not always) reflected on that page. Please note that it is advised to reach out several months in advance for any requests on or around Halloween.



Jacquie isn’t available on the date I need, can she refer me to someone else?

In most cases, yes. However, during October it will be rare that another artist that Jacquie would recommend is available. This is the busiest month of the year for makeup. Jacquie can not guarantee another artist will accept your request, be available, or quote prices for any artist other than herself. 



What FX Contact Lenses does she wear/recommend?

Jacquie is not qualified to answer this question nor are most other makeup artists (unless they are also an optometrist) A makeup artist who offers you lenses or recommends a location to purchase lenses without a prescription should be perceived as a red flag. The Federal Trade Commission prohibits the sale of contact lenses without a valid prescription. There are many factors in lenses and the types of lenses each person requires. The only person who can legally and safely prescribe contact lenses is your eye doctor. Jacquie has had a prescription for many years which is why she wears FX lenses in most of her makeup. She will not under any circumstances refer you to anyone except a medical professional specializing in eye care when it comes to lenses.



What information do you need from me?

Jacquie will need to know what type of makeup you are looking for. Simply stating, “I want to look scary.” will require more detail. Jacquie wants to make sure that she and her clients are on the same page as to how the application will appear when finished. Though she will not copy another artist's work, any inspiration photos you can provide will be helpful. Jacquie will also need to know your location, if you have any skin sensitivities or allergies, how long you intend to wear the makeup, what your costume will entail, if other areas such as the hands and neck will need detail, if hair needs to be colored, etc. It is extremely important to answer all questions in the emails she sends to you or she will not be able to accept you as a client.



Does Jacquie have a phone number?

The short answer? Yes. Once the details of your application have been finalized you will be provided with Jacquie’s phone number for any further or last-minute questions/details. Due to the extreme detail that goes into her work, Jacquie insists that the conversations be in writing for her as well as her client to refer to. Any changes to the original agreed-upon makeup will also need to be in writing whether it be text or email. 



What forms of payment are accepted?

Cash is the preferred method of payment. PayPal can also be accepted and Jacquie will provide you with more details on how to submit a PayPal payment if that is the method agreed upon by both parties. Gratuity is not expected but is always appreciated. 



What type of makeup does Jacquie use?

Jacquie uses several types of makeup including alcohol and water-based products. She is also skilled in airbrush as well as traditional (hand painting) applications. Prosthetics use additional products, adhesives, and makeup application methods. Almost all of Jacquie’s makeup is purchased from Norcostco in Golden Valley, MN. 



I have a question that isn’t answered here…

No problem! Visit the Contact page to submit your question!

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